Andersons Nutri DG 18-1-15 is a premium balanced greens grade slow-release fertiliser harnessing Andersons patented DG Technology. Its dispersive delivery system ensures nutrients are delivered straight into the soil following irrigation, minimising mower pickup and optimising plant response. The balanced N:K formulation with true slow release nitrogen is ideal for regular maintenance applications.

Key information about Andersons Nutri DG 18-1-15
  • Advanced dispersing granule technology ensures maximum coverage and performance
  • For use on greens, tees, and other closely mowed turf
  • 93% of nitrogen is derived from MUtech™ methylene urea for extended feeding
  • For use in warm weather conditions
Brand: The Andersons
Product Form:
Analysis: 18% N, 1% P, 15% K + 93% Mutech
Application Rate: 1.5-3kg per 100m²
Particle Size: SGN 75
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