Simplex 500 SC is a pre and post-emergent herbicide containing 500 g/L of the active ingredient Simazine. Simplex 500 SC is registered for the residual control of a range of annual and perennial weeds in general non-agricultural areas including but not limited to footpaths, factory sites, road shoulders, headlands, railway tracks, public amenities and fence lines.

Simplex 500 is a pre-emergent and herbicide which selectively controls certain annual and perennial weeds in the situations as listed in the directions for use table. It can also be used to control weeds in Triazine Tolerant Canola varieties. Established perennial species will not be controlled at the rates recommended. Duration and effectiveness of control depends on the amount of chemical applied, soil type, rainfall, weed species and other conditions. Best results are achieved if the product is applied to bare moist soil. Since the product mainly enters weeds through root absorption, sufficient moisture (either rainfall or irrigation) is required to move the product into the root zone of weeds to make the product effective.


Active:      500g/L Simazine

Group:      C

Rate:         2.3-88L per hectare

Controls the following weed