Provaunt Ref #CPROVA.5



Provaunt targets and destroys the lifecycle of Argentine Stem Weevils (ASW). It targets and destroys both adult and larvae (only APVMA registration), including the critical 3rd and 4th Instars.

Superintendents that have ASW know how difficult they are to control as there are often a number of life cycles present at any one time throughout the summer. Provaunt will control the adults and larvae, including the very damaging and hard-to-control 3rd and 4th instar. The chemistry in Provaunt is referred to as Meta Active Technology, which when ingested by the insects leads to paralysis which stops feeding and damage which results in ASW death.

Provaunt is translaminar, meaning that it lodges in the cells of the turfgrass plants where it can be ingested by the insect. Importantly. Provaunt will also control on contact with various life cycle stages of ASW.

Active:       200g/kg Indoxacarb

Group:       22A

Rate:          3.75-12.5g per 100m²

Controls the following pest