The Jacobsen SLF1 ELiTE Superlight Five Lithium Mower is available exclusively with a proven ELiTE lithium drivetrain powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology which attains 5.5+ hours of operation with each charge. The on-board charger re-powers overnight, and Jake’s most advanced on-board monitoring system ensures product uptime, lockable speed and frequency of clip controls.


Samsung Lithium technology with 60 million hours of use on the finest professional turf worldwide.


Lighter weight, with no hydraulic oil. Virtually silent operation and minimal vibration.


All-wheel drive takes on  the most complex manicured areas.


Jake’s leading 508 amp-hour ELiTE Li-ion battery. On-board charger re-powers overnight and fits with most universal electrical infrastructure. Our most advanced onboard and remote-ready monitoring system lockable speed and frequency of clip controls.

Key Features of the Jacobsen SLF1 ELiTE Superlight Five Lithium Mower

  • Samsung SDI +500 AH Lithium, onboard recharging ~8.5 hrs220V (~13 hr110V)
  • +5.5 hours operation on each charge
  • Near-silent cutting and transport, minimal vibration
  • Lighter weight with no hydraulic oil
  • Tightest cut from agile heads, 82” cut width from 5x18”, option of groomers, powered rear roller brushes and collection
  • All wheel drive traction, get to more places and leave less impact
  • Systems monitor vehicle angle and wheel speeds to maintain traction at all times
  • Proven and advanced electric lift, cut and steer components from Eclipse
  • Swing out and slide armrest, new front LED lights and full onboard and remote access ready diagnostics plus optimal frequency of clip control
  • Ergonomic operator area and premium comfort seat







Brand: Jacobsen
 Reels and Blades
 Number and Size 8 or 11 Blade Fairway reel (greens reel cylinders can be installed for custom applications)
 Blade Material Hardened, high manganese carbon steel
 Cutting Unit

0.3 - 0.7" (7.62 - 17.78mm), available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 1.18” (30mm) using low profile, heavy bed knife and front and rear High Height of Cut kits

 Cutting Unit Lift Hand operated, joystick controlled lift system, one-touch lift/lower control for all reels


 Traction, Brakes and Speed 
 Traction Drive  3WD: All wheel drive advanced traction system
 Reel Drive One brushless DC motor per reel; continuous
 Hydraulic System No hydraulics
 Service Brakes Dynamic regenerative braking system
 Parking Brakes  Automatic electronic
 Steering Advanced electronic
 Mowing Speed 6.2mph (10km/h)
 Reverse Speed 3.7mph (6km/h)


 Weights and Dimensions 
 Weight 1956lb (887.2kg)
 Length (less catchers) 102” (2.59m)
 Overall Height (ROPS up) 83.2” (2.11m)
 Wheelbase 61.3” (156cm)
 Transport Width 98” (2.45m)
 Working Width 82" (2.08m)


 Mower Warranty  2 Years + 5 years on Samsung SDI battery
  • Bi-directional turf groomer / brush
  • Grass boxes
  • Verticutters
  • Powered rear roller brushes
  • High height of cut kit
  • Canopy
  • Inclinometer
  • Foot rest
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