The Jacobsen HM600 Wide Area Mulching Flail Mower has been built in collaboration with Müthing® to deliver a robust, reliable mower with the ability to tackle the toughest jobs, and the finesse to manoeuvre in tight spaces while providing a quality after-cut appearance.

From a clean, fine, rolled finish across sports pitches to routine cuts, the HM600 leaves an even spread of mulched clippings. It also tackles the irregular cuts, bringing the lesser maintained areas back under control. The HM600 can visit one work site with the versatility to do it all, the productivity to do it fast and the flail technology for superior presentation.

Key Features of the Jacobsen HM600 Wide Area Mulching Flail Mower

  • 3.2m Müthing® cutting width for longer grass
  • Superb mulching and grass clipping distribution
  • Applicable for fine finish turf and sports
  • SureTrac™ 4WD
  • InCommand™ control system
  • Tilt steering wheel with Q Amp steering
  • Tilt Sensor Technology (TST)
  • Electronic unit locks
  • Wet parking brakes
  • Foldable ROPS






Brand: Jacobsen
 Decks and Cutting Units
Cutting Units Batwing mower with independent Müthing® mulching flail units. 1 out-front and 2 wing units.
 Number and Size 1 x 63” (1.6m) front flail unit, 2 x 39” (1.0m) wing flails; 12.5” (300mm) working diameter
 Blade Material M Type heavy duty carbide flails with shark fin shredding bar for optimum spread and mulching of clippings. High strength structural steel hood with replaceable wear plate. Spring steel projectile guards. Bolt-on carbide wear skids.
 Deck Lift and Lower Individual via fingertip operated joysticks
 Cutting Unit Controls Fingertip operated joysticks for individual unit lift/lower; cross-cut position. Electronic transport locks.


 Traction, Brakes and Speed 
 Traction Drive  Hydrostatic, automatic on-demand cross-flow 4 wheel drive in forward and on demand in reverse
 Deck Drive Three dedicated cutter pumps to hydraulic motors with mechanical dual V belt final drive
 Hydraulic System 13.3 gal. (50.2L) capacity regulated with side by side cooler
 Service Brakes Dynamic braking through hydrostatic traction system
 Parking Brakes  Zero-maintenance electro-hydraulic wet parking brakes
 Steering Hydraulic power steering with adjustable tilt steering wheel
 Mowing Speed 10mph (16.4km/h) electronically adjustable


 Weights and Dimensions 
 Weight (excluding fuel) 4,429lbs (2,009kg), 4,808lbs (2,181kg) with cab
 Length 148” (3.76m) front deck down
 Overall Height 83” ROPS up; 67” ROPS and decks down; 87” with cab (2.11m ROPS up; 1.70m ROPS and decks down; 2.2m with cab)
 Wheelbase 65” (1.65m)
 Transport Width 83” (2.1m)
 Working Width 137” (3.5m) with Müthing® flail units down


 Mower Warranty  2 Years
  • Road light kit
  • Canopy/sunshade
  • Climate controlled cab
  • Cab accessories - road light kit, Rear wiper kit
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