The Jacobsen AR730 provides unmatched clip dispersal and after-cut appearance, whether you’re cutting with five or seven decks, thanks to innovative TrueDeck construction. Designed to easily cover the most complex and demanding terrain, the SureTrac II™ all-wheel drive traction system climbs undulations with ease and provides exceptional side slope performance.

Key Features of the Jacobsen AR730 Contour Rotary Trim Mower

  • 5 or 7 TrueDeck heavy-duty contouring
  • Superior after-cut appearance
  • Quick and easy deck adjustment
  • Powerful, Trustworthy engine






Brand: Jacobsen
 Decks and Cutting Units
 Number and Size 7 x TRUEDECK™ 23" (58.4 cm) rotary cutting units. Equipped for rear-discharge chute and smooth rear roller. Mulching baffle, non-striping rear roller and rear roller scrapers available.
 Blade Material 7 x 22.4" (56.8 cm) heat treated alloy combo blades
 Deck Lift and Lower Hand operated, joystick controlled hydraulic lift system. Wing decks can be deactivated and lifted independently.
 Weight Transfer Adjustable hydraulic weight transfer – automatic electronic activation at operator controls with mow switch. Selectable through control console
 Deck Construction 10-gauge, heavy duty modular deck construction


 Traction, Brakes and Speed 
 Traction Drive  SureTrac II™ AWD, a unique parallel hydrostatic system, servo-controlled variable displacement hydro; four high-torque wheel motors; 2WD transport and reverse
 Deck Drive Fixed displacement, self-lubricating with 1” (2.54cm) diameter shaft; double sealed bearings
 Hydraulic System 10 gal. (37.9L) capacity; hydraulic tank oil level monitor and horn alarm; GreensCare biodegradable fluid; full-flow, 10-micron filter, 40 gpm. Side-by-side radiator/hydraulic oil cooler.
 Service Brakes Dynamic through traction system
 Parking Brakes  No-Maintenance, Integrated Wet Parking Brake
 Steering Rear wheel, hydrostatic power steering with tilt adjustable steering wheel
 Mowing Speed 7mph (11.3km/h)
 Reverse Speed 8.7mph (14km/h)


 Weights and Dimensions 
 Weight 4235 lbs. (1921 kg) full fluids
 Length  137.5” (3.49m)
 Overall Height (ROPS up) 91.6” (232.6cm)
 Wheelbase  63” (1.6m)
 Transport Width  88.6” (2.25m)
 Working Width  95.3” (2.42m)


 Mower Warranty  2 Years
  • 692771 Blade 23.14 Hi-lift
  • 692774 Blade 23.14 combon
  • 692775 Blade 23.14 mulchn
  • 68127 Canopy kitn
  • 677080 Kit - quick release pin, 5 gang
  • 677092 Kit - mulching, 23”
  • 677261 Kit - quick release pin, 7 gang
  • 686406 Kit - hood latch lock
  • 687204 Kit - ROPS bracket
  • 689563 Kit - 23” cable scraper
  • 698270 Roller - service 76 x 567 grooved polymer
  • 698272 Roller - service 76 x 567 solid polymer
  • 4394939 Acc, cargo net
  • 10002064 Kit - 23” grooved roller scraper
  • 10013137 Kit - deck bumper 23”
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