The Striker Trifecta perennial ryegrass blend designed for racetracks that includes three of the best seed types:

  1. Impact 2 is a finely tillered, later flowering ryegrass that produces excellent spring/summer growth
  2. Meanwhile, Kidman provides excellent growth late in winter/early spring
  3. Together with RPR ryegrass the perfect year round partnership is created
Key features of Impact 2 Perennial Ryegrass

Impact 2 is an exceptional ryegrass due to its fine tiller density and the endophyte NEA2, providing outstanding persistence, insect resistance, rust resistance and improved track wear performance. Impact 2 is late flowering and has excellent winter to late spring and early summer growth.

Impact 2 is arguably the best variety to come from the NZ Agriseeds breeding program to date. Impact 2 has the ability to persist in difficult environments and management conditions because of the strength of NEA2 endophyte and the high tiller density of a diploid ryegrass. NEA2 the natural endophyte of Impact 2 provides excellent resistance particularly against black beetle and root aphid.

Key features of Kidman Perennial Ryegrass

Kidman is an early flowering diploid perennial ryegrass. It has high autumn, excellent winter and early spring growth. Leaves of Kidman are mediumfine and deep green in colour and exhibit exceptional tiller density and excellent rust resistance making it ideally suited to racetracks. Kidman has been selected for very low levels of aftermath heading and quick return to vegetative production thus maintaining quality year round compared to older varieties.

Key features of Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR)

It is RPR’s regenerating ability that separates it from traditional perennial ryegrass. RPR plants develop pseudo-stolons, which allow them to regenerate in all compass directions. It has superior wear tolerance, is dark green and drought tolerant.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Application Rate: 3-4kg per 100m²
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