Xzemplar™ Fungicide Ref #CZEMP800

Ref #CZEMP800


Xzemplar™ is a fungicide offering advanced systemic movement of the active ingredient, Fluxapyroxad, Xzemplar combines a quick knockdown and powerful, long lasting control of the toughest diseases. Xzemplar™ fungicide provides consistent efficacy at low use rates, enabling higher performance and the protection of turf health. As a new rotation partner for greens, fairways and tees, compatible for use with Lexicon® Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide and Maxtima® Fungicide, Xzemplar is your new thoroughbred workhorse in the BASF Fungicide suite.

Active:   300g/L Fluxapyroxad

Group:  7

Rate:      0.65-0.8 L per ha

Controls the following disease