Tribute Ref #CTRIB-1


Tribute herbicide is one of the most effective post emergence herbicide available to control cool season grasses and Crowsfoot Grass in Couchgrass.

Tribute is a new sulphonylurea turf herbicide containing the active ingredient foramsulfuron. The product selectively removes unwanted cool-season grasses from warm-season grasses.

Tribute effectively controls grasses such as Crowsfoot Grass, Winter Grass and Ryegrass. Registered for use on tolerant warm-season grasses such as Couchgrass.

  • Different mode of action for resistance management using a new suphonylurea turf herbicide
  • Offers the greatest turfgrass tolerance compared to alternatives
  • Tailor made solutions in a single application: It can be used with Destiny and Spearhead for broad spectrum weed control
  • Cell division and weed growth stop within hours of a Tribute application

Active:       22.5g/L Foramsulfuron

Group:      B

Rate:          20mL per 100m²

Controls the following weed