Thumper is a nematicide & miticide containing the active constituent of 20 g/L abamectin, which acts via contact and ingestion. Thumper has limited plant systemic activity but exhibits translaminar movement. Thumper is translocated into leaves and remains for several weeks offering residual control of sucking mites.

Benefit of Thumper (Mites)
Quick leaf penetration to form a reservoir inside the young foliage.
Extended control of mites from a single early season application.
Long residual period of control.
Movement into the leaf for rainfast protection.
Effective against all mite leaf feeding stages.
Mite feeding and mobility inhibited in 2 to 4 hours.

Benefit of Thumper (Nematodes)
A different mode of action for nematode control.
Ideal rotation tool from existing products controlling nematodes.


1-5 L/ha

Controls the following pest