Tempo XTRA


Tempo XTRA is a unique dual mode of action insecticide designed to control tough pests in Turf and Ornamental situations.

In Turf, Tempo XTRA is registered to control insects such as Argentine Stem Weevil and Couch Mite.

In Ornamentals, Tempo® XTRA is registered to control 12 pests, including economically important insects such as Aphids, Mealybug, Scale, Whitefly and Thrips.

Key Features >
Broad Spectrum insect control in both Turf and Ornamentals
Excellent activity on tough turf pests such as Argentine Stem Weevil & Couch Mite
Rapid knockdown of pests. Quicker than any other product within the market.
High quality formulation, containing HAS Technology for superior and consistent performance
Unique mix of residual (systemic) and knockdown (contact) chemistry provides excellent protection for the plant
Research has shown that the active ingredients in combination provide a synergy, increasing control by up to 40%
Ideal as a resistance management tool (2 different modes of action are being used simultaneously)
Ultimate versatility.


Argentine Stem Weevil – 5 L/ha (50 mL/100 square metres)

Controls the following pest