Subdue Maxx


Subdue Maxx is a systemic and residual fungicide providing up to 21 days control, making it ideal for the control of Pythium Root and Crown Rot in turf. Subdue Maxx is absorbed and translocated by the turfgrass plant, therefore it cannot be washed off by rain because it is inside the plant. This stops the growth of the disease and prevents development within the turfgrass plant.

Active Constituent: 24% Metalaxyl-M

Key Benefits
• High efficacy, economical control of Pythium in all turf species
• High turf safety and suitable for protection of germinating seedlings during over-seeding
• The number 1 choice for effective Pythium control programs
• Fast absorption and even systemic movement combines with contact action in soil, resulting in full plant protection.
• MAXX technology allows for excellent tank mix compatibility with other fungicides and foliar fertilisers
• Low odour, non-staining formulation



Controls the following disease