Sportsfield Perennial Ryegrass


Barenbrug Sportsfield turf ryegrass is a versatile continental grass suited to a wide range of climates, throughout Australia and New Zealand. Sportsfield turf ryegrass is a cost-effective variety which establishes quickly to allow areas back into play, after a short period of time. It has good shade tolerance and is well suited for winter oversowing of sports field surfaces.

Sportsfield turf ryegrass can be used by itself in a mono-stand for oversowing Bermudagrass or Kikuyu-based sports ovals in schools and council municipalities. Sportsfield turf ryegrass has excellent continental ryegrass parentage exhibiting high ratings across a range of important categories. It also has excellent turf quality, wear tolerance, disease resistance, density, colour, and mowability.

Sowing Rate:  2.5-5kg per 100m²