SpearheadĀ® is the industry leading selective herbicide that provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf.

With no odour and a high level of user and environmental safety, its unique three-way action provides extended weed control in most situations.

Key Product Facts:

  • Active ingredient: 15 g/L diflufenican, 20 g/L clopyralid, 300 g/L MCPA
  • Outstanding broadleaf weed control
  • Excellent turf safety (cool and warm season grasses)
  • Schedule 5 classification (safer when handling compared to Schedule 6 products)
  • Very low application rates of active ingredient
  • Non-ester formulation (no volatilisation issues, reducing potential for off-target damage)
  • Product of choice for public spaces
  • Additional surfactants not required for most weeds