For the Control of Marshmallow and Annual Nettles in Grass Pastures, Rough Grass and Turf Areas; Improvement in the Control of Marshmallow and Certain Other Broadleaf Weeds, in Commercial, Industrial and Public Service Areas, and Around Agricultural Buildings and Yards, in Tank Mixtures with Knockdown Herbicides; Addition to Selective Herbicides; as per the Directions for Use

Smackdown Herbicide is a post-emergence herbicide that can be added to knockdown herbicides (glyphosate or paraquat) to improve the control of certain broadleaf weeds as listed in Directions for Use in commercial, industrial and public service areas, around agricultural buildings, yards and other turf situations.

Smackdown Herbicide can also be used for the control of Marshmallow and Annual nettle in rough grass and turf areas.

Smackdown Herbicide is a fast acting contact herbicide and aids in the control of weeds through a process of membrane disruption. The foliar uptake of Smackdown Herbicide is rapid and plant desiccation can occur within 4 days of application. Application of Smackdown Herbicide should target small actively growing weeds. Subsequent germinations will not be controlled.

Active Constituent


Controls the following weed