Rohan SPR


Rohan Spreading Perennial Ryegrass (SPR) is a unique perennial ryegrass that can spread, repair, and improve track performance. Independent trials conducted by Racing Victoria have shown Rohan SPR’s superior density and root structure has led to the highest ‘going stick’ readings. Through using Rohan SPR, you will see a reduction in divots, along with good disease resistance and reduced leaf tip shred. Rohan SPR can help lessen track maintenance and improve your track presentation for race day or televised events.

  • Less divoting – Racing Victoria trials showed Rohan SPR (and RPR) were a standout for divoting resistance. This leads to significantly better track performance when compared to other cultivars.
  • Excellent root growth and structure – Rohan SPR had the highest ‘going stick’ reading in RV trials. Greater root development means better track race performance especially in, wet weather.
  • Late seed head protection – Helps improve track performance in spring as Rohan SPR stays leafier longer than other varieties.
  • Excellent rust resistance – Leads to better track aesthetics.