Quali-Pro Prophesy Miticide


Miticide for control of Couch Mite in Turf and Two‚Äźspotted mite in ornamentals. Prophesy is a contact miticide containing 500 g/L of the active ingredient Clofentezine. Prophesy provides a strong and new mode of action for generational management of Couch Mite (Aceria cynodoniensis) in all turfgrass management situations including but not limited to golf greens, tees and fairways, bowling greens, sports fields and racetracks. Prophesy is also registered for the control of Twospotted Mite (Tetranychus urticae) in ornamental plant situations.


Couch Turf – Couch Mite – 500mL/Ha
Ornamentals – Two Spotted Mite – 30mL/100L

Controls the following pest