Quali-Pro Crest Ref #CCRES-5


Quuali-Pro Crest is a powerful systemic, multi‐active broadleaf herbicide with excellent turf safety characteristics.

  • Excellent activity across a wide range of broadleaf weeds species. Registered for 8 key weed species.
  • Registered for tough broadleaf weeds such as Pigweed, Marshmallow, Smallflower Mallow, Bathurst Burr and Noogoora Burr.
  • Safe across a wide range of both warm season and cool season turf species.
  • Very safe on all key warm season turf grasses including Couch, Hybrid Couch, Kikuyu, Buffalo and Queensland Blue Couch.
  • Unique Suspo-Emulsion (SE) Formulation.
  • Non-phenoxy based herbicide and non-EC formulation.


Active:     2.5g/L Florasulam, 100g/L Fluroxypyr

Group:    B, I

Rate:       10-20mL per 100m²

Controls the following weed