Pronamide Ref #0MBURST5



Pronamide is a 50% Propyzamide formulation, providing a highly effective pre and post emergent control of Winter Grass.

Pronamide offers unique application timing and flexibility for pre-emergent use. For optimum results it is best to apply Pronamide Herbicide prior to germination or to young, actively growing wintergrass plants in Autumn / early Winter

  • Offers both pre & post-emergence control.
  • Unique application timing flexibility – can’t miss the application window.
  • Different mode of action group – post- emergent perspective.
  • Cost effective form of Wintergrass control.
  • Excellent safety on warm season grasses.
  • Now registered for selective use on Kikuyu turf.
  • Turf specific registration

Active:       500g/L Propyzamide

Group:       D

Rate:          12mL per 100m²

Controls the following weed