Patriot Fungicide


Patriot Fungicide is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 100 g/L of the active ingredient Trifloxystrobin and 200 g/L Tebuconazole. It is specifically registered for the control of Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Winter Fusarium, Helminthosporium diseases (including White Helmo), Leptosphaerulina, Curvularia, Dollar Spot and ERI (Ectotrophic Root Infecting Fungi) diseases.

Features & Benefits of Patriot

  • Trifloxystrobin has high rain fastness capabilities Regardless of weather conditions, disease control is assured
  • Broad spectrum of disease activity
  • Registered for use against 8 different turf diseases
  • Registered for control of Leptosphaerulina and Curvularia¬† – limited options currently in the market to control these diseases
  • Registered for control of ERI diseases¬† – has strong activity on ERI, particularly when applied as a preventative program
  • Provides contact, translaminar, mesosystemic and systemic activity
  • Inside and out protection
  • Contains two unique active ingredients for turf with differing modes of action.
  • Ideal for fungicide resistance management and enhanced disease control.

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