Patchwork Ref #0APATC05

Ref #0APATC05


Patchwork is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 250 g/L of the active ingredient Triadimenol. It is specifically registered for the control of Dollar Spot, Black Helminthosporium, Take All Patch and Winter Fusarium in all recreational turf situations.

  • Turf specific formulation.
  • Broad spectrum activity, but particularly effective on Dollar Spot and ERI diseases.
  • Cost effective form of Triadimenol for broadacre usage.
  • Systemic movement within the plant providing up to 30 days residual activity.
  • Possesses both curative and preventative activity.
  • Excellent turf safety characteristics.
  • Available in larger pack sizes for broadacre applications.

Active:       250g/L Triadimenol

Group:       3

Rate:           60mL per 100m²


Controls the following disease