25% Triademinol

Patchwork is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 250 g/L of the active ingredient Triadimenol. It is specifically registered for the control of Dollar Spot, Black Helminthosporium, Take All Patch and Winter Fusarium in all recreational turf situations.

Features of Patchwork Fungicide
✔ Turf specific formulation.
✔ Broad spectrum activity, but particularly effective on Dollar Spot and ERI diseases.
✔ Cost effective form of Triadimenol for broadacre usage.
✔ Systemic movement within the plant providing up to 30 days residual activity.
✔ Possesses both curative and preventative activity.
✔ Excellent turf safety characteristics.
✔ Available in larger pack sizes for broadacre applications.

Rate: 3-6 L/Ha


Controls the following disease