Higran Ref #CHIGR-1


Higran is a preventative or early curative miticide, treating nymph and adult couch grass mites. Ideally, Higran is used as the second application in a two-step process and is rotated with alternate chemistry from a different mode of action groups. Higran is a ‘pro-insecticide’ meaning the active ingredient goes through a conversion process post application, to enter a biologically active state. Insecticidal activity occurs immediately (paralysis) with control usually occurring 5-7 days after application.


  • An entirely different mode of action to manage and/or prevent resistance build up
  • Strong contact, translaminar and vapour activity meaning pests on the underside of leaves not directly contacted are still treated equally well
  • High degree of selectivity to target pest – causes rapid paralysis and feeding cessation
  • Longer duration of residual control compared to traditional chemistries registered for couch mite control
  • One part of a two-step strategy to better manage Couchgrass Mite in turf

Rate:          5mL per 100m²

Actives:     500g/L Diafenthiuron

Group:      12A

Controls the following pest