Fore Rainshield Ref #0RFORE10

Ref #0RFORE10


Fore Rainshield is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide containing 480g/L of the active ingredient Mancozeb formulation offers superior spreading and sticking abilities, resulting in optimal disease protection for longer. It is registered for the control of a range of diseases in turf and ornamental situations.


  • Smaller mancozeb particles, optimizing leaf coverage.
  • Unique surfactant package that assists particle redistribution.
  • Improved rainfastness.
  • Contains a unique green dye providing better turf quality and overall colour.
  • Contains 15% more active than other liquid mancozeb’s.
  • A lower poison scheduling than other premium contact fungicides.
  • A different mode of action than other premium contact fungicides and fits well into a resistance management strategy.
  • Contains an ornamentals registration, whereas other premium contact fungicides don’t.
  • Excellent tank mixing properties and Fore Rainshield mixed with several products are known to provide excellent disease control.

Active:        480g/L Mancozeb

Group:        M3

Rate:           330 – 415 mL per 100m²

Controls the following disease