Quali-Pro Evolution Fungicide


Evolution Fungicide is a premium, fungicide mixture containing 120 g/L of the active ingredient Azoxystrobin and 200 g/L Tebuconazole. This unique combination provides powerful systemic control of a broad range of turf diseases including; Dollar Spot, Helminthosporium, Anthracnose, Winter Fusarium, Brown Patch and Fairy Ring.

Key Features and Benefits of Evolution Fungicide • Unique combination of active ingredients for the Australian turf market • Year round usage without the concerns of harsh growth regulation in summer • Improved systemic activity, providing ease of application and placement over other products within the market • Excellent residual performance, providing up to 28 days protection • The only fungicide currently registered in the turf market for Fairy Ring Control • Broad spectrum disease control, with registration on 6 key turf diseases • Schedule 5 chemistry, improving ease of handling and use when compared to other fungicides in the market.


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