Dimension EW Ref #0CDIM5


Dimension EW Herbicide is unique water based, solvent free, non-staining and low odour formulation. Dimension EW offers outstanding pre and post emergent weed control of a range of problematic grasses and broadleaf weeds in turf.


  • EW Formulation – no solvent, no odour, greater tank mix flexibility, less spray tank issues.
  • Pre- and early Post-emergent control of summergrass, providing the widest window of application.
  • Season long pre-emergent control without the re-seeding issues.
  • Non-staining to sprayer equipment.
  • Less damaging to root system than other pre-emergent herbicides.
  • Excellent safety to ornamental plants.

Active:     240g/L Dithiopyr

Group:     D

Rate:         1.75-3.5 L/ha

Controls the following weed