Chloronil Pro


Chloronil Pro Fungicide is a broad spectrum, contact or protectant fungicide for the control of a range of diseases fruit, vegetables and turf. It is registered for the control of Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Grey Leaf Spot in all recreational turf situations. It is also registered for the control of Botrytis, Grey Mould, Rust and Sptoria and Alternaria Leaf Blight for application on ornamental plants.

Features of Chloronil Pro:
* Premium formulation with an improved adjuvant package, has superior sticking, coverage and residual performance compared to other formulations.
* Broad spectrum disease control for use in both turf and ornamental plant situations.
* Green pigment in formulation enhances turf colour and maximises plant health and recovery from disease infection, particularly in slower growth periods.
* Good residual performance versus other contact fungicide chemistries providing up to 14 days protection.
* Formulated and developed in Australia to meet local requirements

Active Constituent: 72% Chlorothalonil


Controls the following disease