Casper Ref #CCASP-1


Casper is a selective post-emergent herbicide specifically formulated for use on turf. Casper contains the active constituents 50% Dicamba and 5% Prosulfuron providing highly effective control of broad leaf weeds.

Key Benefits

  • Broad spectrum selective post-emergence herbicide for turf
  • Highly effective in controlling many broadleaf weeds including Creeping Oxalis, Dandelion, Wireweed and many more
  • Dual active ingredients, including prosulfuron, a new active for turf
  • Convenient water dispersible granular formulation with economical rates
  • Complete weed solution for turf in combination with BARRICADE and MONUMENT LIQUID Quick systemic action (xylem and phloem) with root, shoot and leaf uptake

Active   500g/kg Dicamba, 50g/kg Prosulfuron

Group    BI

Rate       0.6-1.2 kg/ha

Controls the following weed