Barolympic Ultrafine


Sowing rate per kg: 3-5 kg/100m²

Barolympic sets a new standard for fine dense turf that demands tolerance to close-mowing and high wear. It is an ultrafine perennial ryegrass that offers superior performance for sports fields.

Barolympic has it all – fast germination, establishment, winter growth and exceptional density. This allows you to get back on your turf faster while handle wear during winter and hiding and fighting poa.

Barolympic is a new standard for sports turf perennial ryegrass, suitable for:

  • Oversowing warm season bermudagrass or kikuyu fields
  • Pure ryegrass fields
  • Football/Soccer/ rugby and school fields in Australia and NZ
  • Golf green surrounds
  • Golf tees and walk offs are all perfect examples of where this grass seed mix comes into its own.