Banol Systemic Fungicide is one of the most reliable and proven fungicides for Pythium control.

It delivers preventative and curative protection by controlling damping-off of ornamental plants and turf caused by Pythium spp. Fungicide resistance development is extremely low thanks to its multi-site mode of action – there’s not a documented case in 20 years! For best results, use early to avoid later outbreaks and turf injury.

Key Product Facts

  • Active ingredient: Propamocarb present as mono-hydrochloride
  • One of the most reliable and proven fungicides for pythium control
  • Multi-site mode of action (low potential for resistance development)
  • True systemic activity
  • Reduces development of sporangia and spores
  • Excellent user safety at label application rates
  • Exceptional plant safety against a variety of ornamental species
  • Easy to mix – 100% water soluble
  • Registered for use in forestry production nurseries

Banol controls damping off of ornamental plants.

Banol controls Pythium spp. in turf.

Controls the following disease