Purpletop is a purple flowered herb with erect stems up to 2m tall which are conspicuously square in cross-section and rough. Leaves are sessile (without a stalk), dull green and also rough. Leaves are narrowly rectangular to pear-shaped and hairy. The base of the leaf is slightly stem-clasping, leaf margin is irregular to regular toothed and apex is tapering to a point. Inflorescence (a group of flowers) occurs in the end of the branch having small purple-mauve flowers on cylindrical flowerheads grouped in threes. Flowers in late Spring and throughout Summer.


Products to Use Purpletop

Armoury Herbicide

Armoury Cropped

Armoury Herbicide is the ideal knockdown and residual control of various annual and perennial weeds in non-crop, commercial, industrial, public service…

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