Botanical name: Paspalum dilatatum


A perennial grassy, clump forming weed with a robust rhizomatous growth habit. The leaves are generally possess a characteristic purple colour at the base of the sheath, with a rolled vernation and large membranous ligule. Leaf blades can be broad and long, reaching up to 25cm in length. Long stems up to 50cm in length bare a unique, drooping seed heads with round white seeds. Seeds can be sticky to touch and are spread easily through contact and transport. Paspalum can be propagated through seed or through rhizomes.

Products to Use Paspalum

Esplanade Herbicide


Esplanade Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that offers long-lasting control of over 30 species of annual grass and broadleaf weeds and…

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Organix Weed Blitz

Weed Blitz 15L

Organix Weed Blitz is a BFA certified organic product, offering a new generation of knockdown and pre-emergent weed control. The plant…

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Monopoly for www

Monopoly is a post-emergent herbicide registered for the selective control of Crabgrass, Summergrass and Paspalum in turfgrass situations. Monopoly also provides…

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DSMA Clear

No image bottle

DSMA Clear provides effective control of Paspalum, Summer Grass, Mullumbimby Couch and other sedges in Common Couch, Bent and Fescue lawns.…

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