Botanical name: Cyperus esculentus


A perennial rapidly spreading grass-like sedge with flat tapered, slightly corrugated leaves. The stem is  triangular in cross-section, a feature which is unique to sedges. The name nutgrass comes from the nut-like tubers found on rhizomes under the surface. These tubers serve as energy storage for the weed which can make it difficult to control. Seeds from summer through autumn, with yellowish brown seeds arranged in narrow spikelets on an umbel like inflorescence. Propagated from both seed and tubers.

Products to Use Nutgrass

Arsenal® Super

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Arsenal® Super is the latest, optimised formulation of a proven herbicide solution for non-crop situations where long-term vegetation management is required. Arsenal…

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Quali-Pro® Nutmeg™


Quali-Pro® Nutmeg™ is a versatile herbicide that controls Nutgrass, Mullumbimby Couch and a range of broadleaf weeds in established cool and…

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SedgeHammer cropped

Sedgehammer is a selective herbicide for the post-emergent control of Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch in turf. Sedgehammer is a 750g/kg water…

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Monument Liquid Group 1L_rgb

Monument herbicide provides post emergent control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass, Bindii, Clover, Mullumbimby Couch, Burr Medic and Nutgrass and suppression of…

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