Meteor Herbicide from Amgrow is a new generation pre-emergent herbicide containing 960 g/L of the active ingredient metolachlor. Meteor Herbicide provides up to three months pre-emergent control of wintergrass, crowsfoot grass and summergrass in a range of warm season turf varieties including soft leaf varieties of Buffalo, Common & Hybrid Couches, Kikuyu, Zoysia and QLD Blue Couch.
As a predominantly shoot absorbed herbicide, Meteor is able to be applied to turf surfaces with little impact on root development evident making it an ideal pre-emergent solution for use during propagation.

* New generation pre-emergent herbicide – Australia’s first metolachlor based turf herbicide, the culmination of years of research and development
* Group K herbicide – ideal rotational tool for use in conjunction with conventional Group D pre-emergent products * Up to three times safer on turf root development than Group D pre-emergent herbicides
* Ideal for use in turf production and propagation situations
* Reliable pre-emergent control of grassy weeds for up to three months
* Quality Australian made product

Controls the following weed