Encase Anti-transpirant Ref #0FENC10


Encase is a water emulsifiable polymer concentrate for use on plants to reduce water transpiration and protection from climatic extremes. The soft, flexible film formed after the spray application dries, will significantly assist in the reduction of moisture loss from the plant foliage.

  • Encase is an Anti-transpirant for use on ornamentals to enhance transplant stress, cold desiccation or summer scald.
  • For use in turf maintenance to reduce drought and heat stress and to provide a reduction in irrigation requirements.
  • For use in turf maintenance to reduce cold desiccation and stresses associated with cooler growing conditions (eg. frost).
  • Encase is great for use in combination with pigments to extend performance in the cooler months.
  • For use in turf production to assist in reducing harvest stress and improve replant establishment.

Active:     904.32g/L Cyclohexane polymer

Rate:         50-200mL per 100m²