Ref #0BASTA10


Basta is a broad-spectrum weed control with a high level of crop safety. If you need to control weeds in grapevines or other valuable horticulture crops, Basta is the right choice to clean up around the crop while giving it maximum protection. More than most products,it rewards careful application with exceptional performance. When it is applied with the right equipment at the right timing, Basta is very effective on over 80 species of broadleaf and grass weeds and has a high level of crop safety. Basta herbicide provides non-residual control of annual and perennial weeds in commercial and industrial situations and  has been registered for the use in line marking on sports grounds.

Active:   200g/L Glufosinate-ammonium

Rate:      50mL/100m²

Group:     N



Controls the following weed