Triumph Fungicide


Triumph Fungicide is a targeted Pythium fungicide containing 240 g/L of the active ingredient Metalaxyl-M. It is specifically registered for the control of Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot and Damping Off in all turf management situations.

Triumph Fungicide is a micro emulsion (ME) formulation. It has minimal odour because the product does not contain petroleum solvents. As a result, Triumph Fungicide mixes completely with water and may be tank mixed with many commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers.

Features and Benefits of Triumph:

  • Micro-emulsion, turf specific formulation
  • Minimal odour, mixes completely with water, good tank mix flexibility
  • Registered to control all forms of Pythium diseases in turf
  • Controls Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot and Seedling Damping Off
  • Rapid movement into by the plant  – can be within the plant in as quickly as 30 minutes
  • Readily taken up by all green plant parts as well as roots
  • Can be taken into the plant regardless of how damaged the root system is due to Pythium attack
  • Safe for use on young seedlings.
  • Can be safely used for Seedling Damping Off situations.

Controls the following disease