RPR is an innovative regenerating perennial ryegrass (RPR™) and is a patented product recognised as the first truly unique perennial ryegrass since 1836. It has a creeping growth habit that makes the turf wear like iron.

RPR™ was also bred in a harsh climate to withstand drought very well. Researchers noticed that RPR thrives under tough conditions, expanding even in high stress areas. The difference gives a 25 percent edge to RPR. Extensive tests are carried out on all our varieties and RPR is no exception. It has exceeded stringent quality requirements for wear tolerance, drought tolerance and turf quality

• Superior wear tolerance
• Deep green color
• High turf quality
• Exceptionally drought tolerant
• Pseudo-stolons allows for regeneration
• Contains a high amount of endophytes that increase disease resistance and increase insect resistance


3-5 kg/100 square metres