Marvel 175EC is a unique plant growth regulator containing 175g/L of the active ingredient Trinexapac ethyl. The Marvel formulation contains longer chain fatty acid adjuvant than the regular EC formulations to enhance uptake, improve consistency and maximise reliability in performance every time you apply it. Marvel is registered for the reduction of leaf and stem growth, as well as to aid turf management programmes across a very broad range of turfgrass species and growing regimes.

Key features and benefits
✔ More efficient formulation containing a unique adjuvant allowing for the active ingredient to be fully utilised
✔ More consistent response due to improved reliability of the product
✔ Cost effective for broadacre usage such as on fairways and sportsgrounds
✔ Helps improve colour, lateral stems, and root mass development
✔ Manages a healthy plant by reducing vertical growth whilst improving blade health and durability
✔ Increased quality of final cut, particularly in high maintenance situations
✔ Reduced clippings for efficient mowing

Active Constituent: 75g/L Trinexapac Ethyl


0.4-5.5 L/Ha