Impact XP Ready to Use Marking Paint


Impact XP is the most advanced, ready to use, line marking paint available.

XP raises the standard of sports field marking to a new high. As a ready to use product, it requires no mixing or pouring and is applied straight from the container by the iGO Standard or iGO Deluxe spray line marking machines. The high quality pigments used in the manufacturing process, combined with fine atomisation achieved with the impact nozzles, produces optimum leaf coverage with a clear white line. The paint can be applied during medium rain conditions with no ill effects. Drying time of around 20 minutes or less, is achievable in normal dry conditions.

Optimum Leaf Coverage 

Maximum leaf coverage is achieved through the atomisation of Impact XP paint when using the specially engineered fine nozzle. This produces a smaller particle size. Smaller particle production results in a greater surface area and therefore better coverage. Finer particle size also means improved water resistance.

Available in White, Black and a range of colours.