FoliMAX Manganese +


FoliMAX Manganese + is a liquid fertiliser solution containing 6% manganese with Nutrex Delivery Technology, and 8% nitrogen for optimised plant response. The Nutrex delivery system enhances nutrient uptake throughout the foliage, optimising application efficiency. For the prevention and correction of manganese deficiencies.

FoliMAX Manganese+ can be used as a foliar and/or soil drench for use in a complete and balanced nutrition program as a manganese source. Apply as a spray application on all turf grasses and landscape plants that require manganese. Apply in sufficient water to achieve adequate plant coverage. Use a water volume of 5–15L per 100m2 (500–1500L/Ha), depending on the application rate. Avoid mowing for 24 hours following an application.


10-30 L/ha