FoliMAX Launcher


FoliMAX Launcher is a liquid nutrition and biostimulant package formulated specifically to fulfil essential plant requirements during the establishment and grow-in phase. A high phosphorus NPK ratio and the addition of kelp provide the plant with the required building blocks for healthy and vigorous establishment and stress, or injury recovery.

As a key nutritional requirement in establishment and root system development, phosphorous is an essential component of the FoliMAX Launcher formulation. FoliMAX Launcher contains 10% P as phosphite, which provides a sustained supply of phosphorus within the soil as it is converted to plant usable phosphate within the root zone. This avoids luxury consumption of phosphorus which can occur when large volumes of plant available phosphorus are applied. When phosphorous reaches levels of luxury consumption, the availability of important micronutrients such as iron can be compromised within the plant.
Phosphites have also been proven to assist in improving plant health, particularly during stressful growing conditions which is common for intensively managed turfgrass.


13-30 L/ha