FoliMAX Cal-Mag


FoliMAX Cal-Mag is a liquid sodium fighter containing 13% calcium and 3.4% magnesium in a very soluble nitrate form for rapid flushing of sodium from the root-zone. With ideal calcium to magnesium ratio, FoliMAX Cal-Mag can also be used in a maintenance program for prevention of calcium and magnesium deficiencies within the turfgrass.

Key benefits of FoliMAX Cal-Mag
• Highly soluble forms of calcium and magnesium for quick and effective flushing of sodium.
• Chloride and sulphate free formulation
• Ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium (4:1), for routine maintenance applications.
• Useful formulation for injection into irrigation systems with light water.
• Can be used in fertigation systems.
• Flexible application rates to modify the nitrogen output.
• Free fl owing formulation, making it easier to decant into spray equipment and mixing tanks.
• Boron in the formulation aids in maximising calcium uptake within the plant


10-20 L/ha