Ethos Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide containing 500g/L of the active ingredient Ethofumesate. It is registered for the pre-emergent control of Wintergrass in a variety of turf grasses including Bentgrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Kikuyu, Queensland Blue Couch and Ryegrass. Ethos is also registered for the control of a range of grass and broadleaf weed species in non-crop situations including fencelines and tree plantations

Features of Ethos Herbicide
*Possesses both pre- and post-emergent activity.
*Excellent safety on cool season turf grasses as well as Kikuyu and Qld Blue Couch.
*Unique mode of action group.
*Also registered for use in non-crop situations.
*Flexibility around re-seeding of cool season grasses.
*Has activity on difficult to control weeds including Barley Grass and Brome Grass.
*Quality formulation


300 mL/100 L water

Controls the following weed