Derby Xtreme


Derby Xtreme is an elite fine leaf perennial ryegrass featuring a dark green turf colour, a fine leaf texture and excellent density. Based on the latest ANTEP data 2007 & 2008, this study showed Derby Xtreme to be top 2 for overall colour.  Derby Xtreme also rated number 1 for second year density showing this variety should stand up well against wear, making it a top choice for sports fields and other high traffic areas. Derby Xtreme has demonstrated strong resistance to rust, gray leaf spot and brown patch diseases. Derby Xtreme is a proven stand-out for high-end sports turf.  Derby Xtreme was developed for permanent turfgrass blends and mixtures containing improved perennial ryegrass; Kentucky bluegrass; chewings, creeping red fescue and turf type tall fescue.

• Dark green colour
• Superb turf density
• Strong wear tolerance
• Disease resistant