Pythium Root Dysfunction

Causal Agent: Pythium spp.

Susceptible Turfgrasses: Cool and warm season grasses.


  • Affected turf may appear thin, off colour and slow growing.

  • This may occur in small patches or as a general decline and loss of large turfgrass area.

  • Under cool, wet conditions symptoms may first appear as small, diffuse yellow patches of turf 4 to 7cm in diameter.

  • As temperatures rise, large areas of turf may wilt, turn brown and die.

  • In severely infected plants, crowns may appear water-soaked and root systems are greatly reduced in volume and vigour.

  • Roots and crown may be extensively discoloured.

  • No foliar mycelium is evident during infection.

Conditions Favouring Disease

  • Hot days (30-35°C), humid or rainy weather when night temperatures are warm (above 20°C).

  • Relative humidity exceeding 90% for at least 14 hours and a minimum temperature not falling below 20°C.

  • Pythium Root Dysfunction occurs in areas with high soil moisture, poor drainage and low light.

  • Areas with low mowing height and excessive wear.

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Products to Use Pythium Root Dysfunction


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Subdue Maxx

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Signature v2

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Heritage Maxx


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Fosetyl 800

Fosetyl 800

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