Fusarium Patch

Causal Agent: Microdochium nivale

Susceptible Turfgrasses: Wintergrass, Bentgrass, Fescue, Ryegrass & Kentucky Bluegrass.


  • Circular patches appear as small, water-soaked spots less than 5cm in diameter.

  • Patches change in colour from orange-brown to dark brown and finally to a light gray.

  • Spots may enlarge indefinitely, but are usually less than 20cm in diameter.

  • On low cut turf a halo-like “smoke ring” may appear on the outer margin of the patch. The outer ring may have a water-soaked appearance.

  • In very wet conditions a thin to fluffy covering of white mycelium may be seen on matted leaves.

  • The mycelium is white, but on exposure to sunlight induces spore production which is a pink colour.

Conditions Favouring Disease

  • More than 10 hours a day of foliar wetness for several consecutive days.

  • Cool temperatures.

  • Soil high in nitrogen fertility and low phosphorous and potassium.

  • Areas with slow growing conditions and heavy thatch.

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Products to Use Fusarium Patch

Quali-Pro Evolution Fungicide

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Evolution Fungicide is a premium, fungicide mixture containing 120 g/L of the active ingredient Azoxystrobin and 200 g/L Tebuconazole. This unique…

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Vantage Fungicide

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Vantage Fungicide is a broad spectrum, systemic fungicide containing 95 g/L of the active constituent Azoxystrobin, a trusted chemistry for Australian…

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25% Triademinol Bayfidan is a broad spectrum, systemic foliar fungicide that is rapidly taken up by plants and translocated within the…

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Patchwork bottle

25% Triademinol Patchwork is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 250 g/L of the active ingredient Triadimenol. It is specifically registered for…

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TMTD 600


TMTD 600 is a flowable form of 600 g/L Thiram. TMTD 600 is highly effective in the control of Brown Patch,…

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Fore Rainshield

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48% Mancozeb Fore Rainshield is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide containing 480g/L of the active ingredient Mancozeb formulation offers superior spreading…

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Medallion Turf Fungicide


Medallion Turf Fungicide offers contact plus – exceptional spore busting capabilities on the leaf, in the thatch, and on the soil surface.…

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Interface has preventative, curative and eradicant activity, controlling all stages of turf disease. Interface provides superior disease control and manages disease…

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Instrata 10L bottle

Instrata is an excellent choice for use in a preventative program or curatively after first symptoms are evident. The quick systemic…

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Daconil Weather Stik


Daconil Weather Stik is a contact fungicide that can be used in preventative programs. It can be used as an early…

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