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Cracking day in Melbourne for the launch of Segway 400SC fungicide. Segway 400SC is a fantastic new tool for turf m… Posted at 08:24 AM, Sep 04 2018
Penrith Stadium - grounds manager Nathan Myer-Gleaves. No more words required - WOW! #Strikergold #FoliMAX Posted at 10:34 PM, Jul 03 2018
All ready to go for the #ATC2018 trade show. Come and see us at booth 53 next to Toro & Syngenta today from 4pm. Posted at 08:07 AM, Jun 26 2018
If your fortunate enough to be attending the 2018 ATC, be sure to get along and listen to @POGOTurfPro - Carmen Mag… Posted at 09:54 AM, Jun 25 2018